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Trakmats for Hire or Purchase to Protect Your Ground


All Weather Access provides ground protection and access solutions with the option to purchase or hire trakmats. We believe that prevention is better than finding a cure and trakmats provide solutions for a wide range of situations where it is necessary to protect the ground from damage.


If you are planning to host an event in your garden, it is almost certain that people will be treading the same route repeatedly. In order to protect your grass from being churned up by heels, hire a trackmat to prevent long lasting damage to your garden.


Vehicles can also be a huge hazard to the ground. Heavy machinery and construction vehicles can ruin grass, tarmac and paved areas in an instant. Trakmat hire eradicates problems like these and can provide your ground with the essential protection it needs.


Euromat Hire for Quality and Durable Trakmats


We use Euromat products due to the unrivalled quality and durability of these mats. Euromats are light enough for two men to handle and have grips that will help any vehicle remain steady, even in the worst weather.


Although grass is the main surface type that is prone to severe damage from vehicles and people, other surfaces such as tarmac and paved areas can break up extremely easily when immense pressure is placed on them. Euromats prevent damage to these kinds of areas when a lorry or truck is driven over them by providing a pathway to avoid destroying the surface beneath.


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Use Euromat Trakmats to Avoid Costly Ground Repairs


Repairing surfaces after they have been damaged by vehicles or increased footfall can be very costly and time consuming. All Weather Access offers the option to purchase or hire trakmats, allowing you to proactively prevent damage when necessary at a cost that suits you. Euromats are extremely quick and easy to lay and are the perfect solution for anyone who may be completing a house improvement project, hosting a wedding in their garden, or is transporting heavy, cumbersome goods over delicate ground.




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