TuffTrak® – Heavy duty road mats

TuffTrak is the ultimate heavy duty road mat for temporary roadways and work areas for heavy plant and machinery

TuffTrak Specifications

Material: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Size: 2.5m x 3m
Thickness: 38mm
Weight: 295kg
Anti-slip surface

Advantages of TuffTrak

  • Solid one piece construction
  • Unique chevron traction surface
  • A reversible low profile surface for drilling rigs, work pads, depot areas and helipads
  • Lower transport cost than other comparable mats
  • Protects against severe rutting and eco damage to ground and sensitive sites
  • Connection options for different terrain & equipment
  • Non-conductive – ideal for use on transmission projects

Typical Applications

  • Work areas and roads for very heavy plant and machinery
  • Pedestrian surfaces
  • Outdoor events


  • TuffTrak can be used either side up to provide a traction surface or a low profile surface suitable for pedestrian use.
  • TuffTrak creating pedestrian flooring, suitable for high heels, in a large marquee.